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Visual Composer – Responsive Page Builder for WordPress

Visual Composer – Responsive Page Builder for WordPress
Visual Composer WordPress Theme Free Download v4.5.1 | Visual Composer – Page Builder for WordPress is a best and well known drag and drop backend and frontend page builder plugin that will save you from tons of time working on the site content. You will surely be able to take full control over your WordPress website, build any layout as you can imagine and for this you do not need any programming knowledge required. Moreover, now you can easily choose either the work on a backend or move your page building process to frontend by instantly see changes you have make.
Visual Composer v4.5.1 is the first and most useful WordPress page builder plugin having full control over responsiveness. By using this awesome tool you can easily design responsive websites and also you can control how you whole layout or just separate parts of it behave on different devices. You can set your desired size of columns with ease and offsets or even you can hide specific blocks using elements on many devices according to your choice.
Visual Composer – Responsive Page Builder for WordPress is #1 Best Selling drag and drop frontend and backend page builder having more than 500k+ sites. This Tool has been powering more than 500k+ WordPress websites worldwide and the number is growing rapidly.
  • Improvements with stretch row logic
  • Grid pagination isn’t hiding “add to column” control in Fronend editor
  • Grid filter logic improved
  • JS script logic for templates improved
  • Bug with wpLink fixed
  • settings link in multisite fixed
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