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Understanding Microsoft Azure Core Functionalities

Understanding Microsoft Azure Core Functionalities
Understanding Microsoft Azure Core Functionalities
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  • Get an IT administrator’s view of Microsoft’s cloud offering, Microsoft Azure. David Elfassy provides an inside look at working with Azure cloud-based storage and networking services, which can scale up or down as your organization changes. He’ll show you how to manage your Azure account, configure options via portals or PowerShell scripting, and set up services successfully, including web apps, virtual machines, Active Directory, and VPNs. The final chapter makes the business case for Azure, and shows you how to implement backups to make sure your data is safe on premise and in the cloud.


  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • Using Cloud Services
  • Getting Familiar with Microsoft Azure
    • Fundamentals of cloud computing
    • Fundamentals of cloud service offerings
    • Fundamentals of Azure subscriptions
    • Fundamentals of Azure management
    • Managing Azure by using the TWO portals
    • Managing Azure by using Azure PowerShell
    • Implementing a storage account
  • Microsoft Azure Services
    • Implementing Azure web apps
    • Managing Azure web apps
    • Configuring Azure web apps
    • Creating virtual machines in Azure
    • Managing virtual machines in Azure
    • Connecting to virtual machines in Azure
    • Capturing virtual machines in Azure
    • Understanding Azure Active Directory
    • Managing Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft Azure Networking
    • Understanding the Azure networking components
    • Creating Azure virtual networks
    • Configuring Azure virtual networks
    • Which IP addresses should I use in Azure?
    • Implementing a point-to-site VPN: IP adresses and certificates
    • Implementing a point-to-site VPN: Azure tasks
  • Managing Azure Resources
    • Using and managing Cloud Services
    • Implementing backups for Azure virtual machines
    • Implementing backups for on-premises servers to Azure
    • Business cases for Azure solutions
  • Conclusion
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