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LiveUSB ER 1.4 2011/Eng/Rus/Win,Linux,MacOS

LiveUSB ER 1.4 2011/Eng/Rus/Win,Linux,MacOS

LiveUSB ER 1.4 (2011/Eng/Rus/Win,Linux,MacOS) | 1.51 GB

Multiboot flash drive, designed for installation Install Mac OS X on a laptop, as well as perform various other tasks and solve problems with your operating system WinXP, Win7, Linux.

In the boot menu:
1.PLoP Boot Manager-Small boot with great potential for various operating systems. Supports booting Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Linux …
2.Memtest86 +-4.20-testing computer memory
3.Acronis (ADDSRV 10.2169 RU + ATIES 9.7.8206 RU UR)-to work with disks and backups.
4.Hiren ‘s BootCD 13.2 Rus Full
6.WinPE to create your own image Win7
7 .. SLAX Linux
Slax linux – it’s tiny, does not require installation distro based on Slackware. For all its lightness – the system of free fits on a regular cd-drive or flash-card capacity slax’a is huge, because the functional system is very easy to extend with the help of special modules – ready-made programs.
Modular structure – this is certainly a huge plus system. First, this approach does not require in-depth knowledge of Linux (the installation package is 2-3 clicks), and secondly, the “modular” approach allows any user to assemble a system for their own, specific needs.
8.XlupuRus-510-5-distribution is made on the basis of lupu-510 with kernel and glibc2.11.1. Distribution is not only Russified, but added additional applications
9.EasyKit3.1-installer Snow Leopard Retail on the PC. EasyKit is a program which will enable Mac OS X Snow Leopard Retail on a PC quickly and easily. EasyKit consists of two programs:
a. EasyEFI – disk image loader, which allows you to set
Mac OS X Snow Leopard with license Retail DVD disc.
b. EasyPack – a package that installs a boot loader, driver and
useful utilities.

Additional Information:
On a flash drive in your Mac OSx86 are two installers.
1.EasyPackv1.1.pkg-to install the bootloader, kexts and patches
2.PCEFI 10.6 Lion + Snow.pkg-only boot to the Lion and Leopard.

How to Create LiveUSB ER:
1.Zapustit hpusbfw.exe from your multiboot, otfarmatirovat stick in FAT-32,
You can quickly form. (Stick will be bootable)
2.Zapustit grubinst_gui.exe as administrator, select Disk, select the
USB flash drive (make sure to check that indicated fpeshku, otherwise will kill downloader
Windows, if you make a mistake). Click Instal, a black box, press Enter, Qut
Anti 3.Otklyuchaem
4.Zapuskaem Live USB ER.exe, points the way to a flash drive, click Remove and wait about 20 minutes
all, flash is ready

System requirements:
USB Flash Drive 2GB, the computer supports booting from USB
CPU / RAM-depending on the OS (see description)

Name of Program: LiveUSB ER (Win, Nix, MacOSx86)
Software version: 1.4
Latest version: 1.4
Language: Eng / Rus

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